What is setup?

A Setup is the process of creating harmony between the instrument and the player.  Setups are individual to each player and can very from one guitar to the next. Through fine adjustments,  the Technician is able to  help the instrument operate at its best potential for the player



a small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result:



The Setup Workshop is a great way to learn how your guitar works and how you can make it work better.  You bring two guitars and I teach you how to make all the fine adjustments and some big adjustments. 


The Setup Workshop runs 3 hours.  Adjustments covered are:

Neck adjustments, level crown and polish of frets, action, nut action, intonation, buts and bolts, cleaning, player's wants and needs, and how to trouble shoot.

The cost of the workshop is $200. Some of the specialty tools I use are included. All participants in my workshops will receive a student discount on tools and parts purchased through me.