One of my many bench setups

One of my many bench setups


My goals with the workshops

As a teacher of Luthiery my goal is to give my students the skills they need to confidently work on stringed  instruments successfully. I feel Luthiery is part fundamental skills and part art. Having strong fundamental skills (sanding, chisel work, etc...) allows the art to flow. I enjoy building fine instruments and successful Luthiers :)

As a Luthier my goal is to hone my techniques and art through teaching. Sometimes teaching leads to inspiration to build or improve jigs or processes.

As a business owner one of my goals is to be able to provide the tools I make or use at a more  affordable price. When you take my workshops I provide some of the tools I use in the cost of the workshops. I feel this makes it easy to keep doing the work after the workshop. I also offer student discounts and pricing on tools and hardware. 

Workshops can be scheduled for small groups or one on one

If you would like to schedule a workshop or have questions please call or email.