Lets make a neck! This work shop covers making and carving a bolt on neck blank. If you have a neck you want to replace or need a neck for a project lets make one!

We will:

  • Design our neck and headstock

  • Slot a fingerboard

  • Cut out a neck blank

  • Route a truss rod pocket

  • Cut out a fingerboard

  • Glue up a neck blank

  • Carve the neck

  • Sand the radius into the fingerboard

  • Sand the neck

The cost of this workshop is $350. It covers the materials for an all maple neck, glue, sand paper and truss rod. This workshop does not cover fret work or nut work. This workshop happens over two 4-6 hour days to allow glue to dry. Other materials can be substituted for additional costs. This workshop can be combined with the fret work, nut , and setup workshops for additional costs and time.