Lets Build!

I like to make building a stringed instrument straight forward and fun. I offer a few different workshops with varying prices. The goal of my workshops is to give you the fundamental skills (design, woodworking, sanding, gluing) to keep on building instruments for fun and/ or for profit (it’s possible to do both).

The workshops are:

Basic Electric Guitar or bass Build-

In this workshop I pick and supply all the materials for the build. By taking the material decision making out of the process the student is able to focus on build fundamentals.

You will:

  • Design a bolt-on instrument

  • Make templates for future use

  • Make a neck and body

  • Go over sanding technique

  • Pick a stain color

  • Learn my Shellac technique

  • Choose controls and pickup styles

  • Choose hardware style

  • Assemble and go over set up, nut and fret work

Pickups and hardware will be generic and fully functional. We will be focusing on the build it self and not any of the superficial parts that can be upgraded or swapped out later. The idea is to actually make a guitar. Not a kit. Not a parts caster. Actually design, cut everything out, carve sand, finish, etc.

This workshop runs 24 hours total. It is broken up into smaller easy to digest sessions to allow for glue and finish to cure.

Work shop Cost is $2000. The workshop will include all build materials, some setup tools I make and use, and templates to keep building ! As well as a student discount on most parts and supplies.

A Hardshell Case Making Workshop can be added on for an additional $200

Deluxe Electric Build

This work shop includes everything form the Basic Electric Build workshop and adds the options of :

  • Body and Neck binding

  • Laminated Top

  • Multi-Piece Neck

  • Chambered or Hollow Body

  • Bolt On or Set Neck

    In this workshop the Student is given a budget for pickups, hardware and other options not available in the basic workshop.

    This workshop is 30 hours and costs $2600

A Hardshell Case Making Workshop can be added on for an additional $200

Carve Top Electric Build

This workshop includes everything from the Basic and Deluxe workshops with the addition of carving the Top

This workshop runs 36 hours, costs $3200, and includes, the carving tools I use (Two Violin planes and a scraper), and the Hardshell Case Building Workshop.